Eötvös School
Zoványi Noémi class 8B

Our school has very exciting and colorful programs. The teachers put so much effort in the making of them, so we can enjoy them. Lower graders and upper graders both like them, because they usually match our level of seriousness and intelligence.
We have different programs that match the topic of the week, event or season. We have single day programs and longer ones which can last for a week. The day of music or animals is a one-day event but the week of money is a longer one. The teachers make lessons more interesting by making the topic of the lesson match the topic of the event.
We even have foreign programs like Halloween. On occasions like that we can come back to the school in the afternoon dressed up or in casual clothes to have fun with the others. There are teachers waiting for us in classrooms to play with us or give us tasks. After we done them they give us candy or chocolate as a reward.
The programs are interesting because the school calls outsiders and they are telling us about their jobs and facts about themselves so we can imagine their position better. They give us useful tips and advice if we are considering on going to study for something like them.
The good thing in these events is that everybody can take part in them, even the little ones. Their programs are more playful because they can learn better while playing. Everybody always enjoys these programs, and it makes learning and studying more colorful and more interesting.

Eötvös School
Nagy Zsófia Janka Class 8B

Eötvös is the only bilingual school here in Százhalombatta, so if you care about foreign languages, it’s the best choice. Classes are divided into multiple groups based on each child’s abilities, so no one falls behind or gets bored. If someone works hard enough, they can even get into a higher level group. The groups have different teachers, books and tasks so they learn differently, but the quality of the lessons are all the same.
A very special benefit of the school is our foreign language teacher. We get a new one every year so it is always exciting. They teach one lesson per week and we usually play a game and learn a lot about American culture and life. Of course, talking to a native speaker is very different from Hungarian teachers and helps out English a lot.
Every year starting from fourth grade we have the opportunity to take a mock language exam and a teal one in eight grade. The teachers prepare us very well so the majority of the students pass their exams and eventually leave the school with a successful B2 or even C1 language exam.
The school also gives students the chance to travel to the UK. On these trips we live with other families, learn about the country and see the sights it has to offer.
All things considered, our school gives you several opportunities you wouldn’t get anywhere else which makes it special and a great choice.

Almássy Szonja Class 8A
Eötvös School

Eötvös School is located in the center of Százhalombatta. We have many shops and restaurants to go to after school.
The school has three floors. The ground floor’s classrooms are used by the first and second graders. The first floor is used by the 3rd -8th graders and the second floor is only for 5th-8th graders. Besides that, we have a well-equipped and huge gym.
Right now we have approximately 500 students. Our school is bilingual. That means, students from age 6/7 start learning English 5 times a week. We have civilization classes, where we learn about English-speaking countries. On top of that we also learn world history and information technology in English. By the time we are graduating, almost everybody has a language exam on a B2 level.
Every spring, children can go on field trips to countries such as England, Scotland, Wales etc.
There are many traditions in our school, for example the Eötvös week. That week has some competitions, the las one is the Red & Blue, where the A classes dress up as the red team and the B classes dress up as the blue team.
We also have carnivals, which are so much fun, especially for the 8th graders. They get to dance in traditional Hungarian costumes and dance Palotás.
I think everybody who’s studying or has studied here loves this school. I can only recommend this school, because I’ve spent my most beautiful 8 years here. 


Eötvös Loránd Primary School

Our school is located in the town centre in a nice surroundings. It is a big building with 3 floors and a lot of classrooms. Each class has its own classroom. The first and the second classes are on the ground floor, the others are on the first and the second floor. 500 students attend this school. The classrooms are well-equipped, especially the computer room. We have a quite good gym and a big schoolyard.

This school is specialised in English. Children start learning English at a very early age, at the age of 6/7.They have 5 English lessons a week and they also learn Music, P.E. and Art in English. The second language is German.

In the afternoon everybody can take extra lessons, Mathematics or Chemistry, but if you prefer Hungarian language you can choose the ELISZ (Hungarian Literature and Theatre Group). This is the oldest group, it is 22 years old.

The school has got many traditions. The most famous is the Eötvös week. It is in November and this time many competitions are organised. The biggest is the Piros-Kék (Red and Blue competition). It is the most popular competition in the school. Every student takes part in it. There are two teams the red and the blue team. In the red team there are the children who go to class A and in the blue team there are the children who go to class B. We have to dress up in red and blue and we often make flags or wear coloured caps. We choose a team captain who leads us.

There is another famous tradition, the Carnival. It is in February. Every class learns different kinds of dances and the children wear fancy dresses. The graduating students, who are in year eight, dance traditional dances like waltz.

Other good traditions are the camps. Every winter a ski camp is organised. We travel to Austria and we ski all day. Every summer there is a bicycle camp. We visit very nice Hungarian places by bike. There is also a sport camp in Kemence where we have got trainings every day. Every two year the students travel abroad to practice the language they learn. There is a German trip to Austria or to Germany for the students who learn German. They go sightseeing, visit interesting museums and take part in German school lessons. The other trip is the English trip for the English speaking children. They usually go to England and visit London. In 2013 I participated in the English trip and it was brilliant. We stayed at English families. We visited many museums like the British Museum and we saw two famous English castles the Hampton Court and the Windsor Castle. I will never forget it.

I think every child likes this school very much.

Anna Virág
2013. október 8.


Eotvos School

Our school is located in the centre of the town. We have a neighbour school; which is connected to ours by a canteen, and a few corridors. It is called Arany János Primary and Secondary School.

Our school has 3 floors, each one with about 10 classrooms. The gym is fully connected to the main building. The classrooms are well equipped, especially the computer room.

Currently we have about 500 students. Each class ha its own room, but from the 5th class, students learn in different rooms (such as Maths in 204, grammar in 208, etc.). These rooms usually enough for 25-30 students. Each class (from 1st to 8th) contains about 25 pupils. The young ones (1st and 2nd class) are on the ground floor.

The students can choose between German and English language in the 1st class and so they can start to learn it. The real language course starts in the 4th class, which means students have 5 lessons a week. A second language is available for the students from the 7th class. We always keep language camps, both in England an Austria.

The P.E. lessons also start in the 1st class. These lessons are good for both students physical and mental health. The well-equipped gym (with balls, ropes, shirts and rugs) provides a wide list of exercises for the pupils. Our sport camps are held in different countries, always with many ways to do some sport. The school’s main information bases are the library and the computer room. The library is always in silence, and it contains about 14,000 books. The computer room provides anything what a student need: web connection, fast and new computers with excellent performance. These rooms are only available with teachers.

All children are welcomed in our building!

István Pados


2008.március  28.

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